Friday, March 22, 2013

What Makes A Techie Teacher Techie?

I am planning middle school and high school courses for next year and working off the GenYES model for student/teacher collaboration. It is my hope to save a few bucks and not have to purchase the GenYES materials.  Instead we'll create the course on our own.  

The basic mindset is that today's youth is more tech-savvy than adults.  Yes, that's a broad sweeping generalization, but there is some truth to back those words up.  We will spend the first month or so arming students with knowledge about a number of typical teacher needs.  Then, the rest of the semester would be students helping teachers solve problems, create projects, and take steps toward tech-integration awesomeness.  

In order to get this done, I need to think of the end-product.  
  • The faculty will increase in technical confidence.
  • The student will collaborate with a teacher to create a technical project.
What should these projects be?  What are skills that a 14 year old can quickly pick up and pass along to a 44 year old? 

So, that leads me back to the title.  What makes a techie teacher techie?

Think through your day.  What tools do you use? What sites and apps do you use?  What are you doing differently now that you didn't do 5 years ago? What are some simple things you wish your colleagues would do but don't?

I would appreciate any help you can give me, and in return I'll share it all back with you. 

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