Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Online Thesaurus

A few weeks ago, I was searching online for a thesaurus for first graders.  All my Googling came up with synonyms for "first" or "grade."  I got very frustrated, but I did land on this blog post, and my mind went into hyperdrive.

I borrowed heavily from this lesson for my 6th grade computer class, but I wanted to put the thesaurus online.

I created multiple slips of paper with one word on them.  I passed these slips out and told the kids to write as many synonyms for the word as possible. I gave them two-minute time limits.  At the end of two-minutes, they had to switch slips with a friend and keep coming up with synonyms.

After about 10 minutes, I set them up on a series of Google Docs with the words on editable docs.  They had time to type the synonyms onto these pages.

When they were done, I emailed the link to their LA teacher and offered it up as a thesaurus to help them with writing in the future.

Feel free to hop on and see their work.

Now, to do the whole thing again with 4th grade tomorrow.  Should be fun!

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