Thursday, March 7, 2013

7 Wonders of the Tech World #7techwonders

As we sat around the lunch table today, someone struck up a conversation about the 7 Wonders of the World. Now, I realize this is not normal dining conversation, but when teachers get together, you really don't know where the chat is going to go.  Today, we got all historical.

Apparently, the Wonders were named as such by the Greeks and were located at or near their shipping ports.  I didn't know.  Then, we were told there was a more modern list -- including the Great Wall of China.  I'm fairly certain that the Great Wall isn't exactly modern, but maybe the idea was a list created by more modern people with a broader view of the world than just the Mediterranean Sea.

Just to clear up confusion, I'm linking Wikipedia's article on the Wonders of the World. In this article, you can read about the original list -- the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World -- and other lists such as Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages, Seven Wonders of the Natural World, and Seven Wonders of the Engineering World.

All this talk got me thinking.  (I do a lot of that during lunch: listen, think, listen, think.  No one knows what's really going on in my head unless they read this blog.)  What are the Seven Wonders of the Tech World?  I didn't give it a lot of thought, but I knew my iPad had to be on the list.  After all, in just a few short years it has revolutionized the educational world and really society as a whole.

I went back to my office and tweeted the question...

What would you consider the 7 wonders of the tech world?

I got a reply almost immediately from Michael Roush, and try as I might I couldn't knock him off his list. 
  Internet, Microprocessor, Binary Code, Wireless TX, Fiber Optics, Open Source, & the Commodore 64!

I really want to add iPad or iPhone, the Cloud, Palm Pilot, and CD players to the list, but I can't find a way to squeeze them in.  Maybe a Google reference somewhere too. 

So, what do you think?  What would you put on the list?  Hop on Twitter and cast your vote.  Maybe we'll put it on the Wikipedia page one day soon. 

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