Thursday, March 14, 2013

Keep the #edtechex Love Going


I am thrilled at the initial response in the first few hours of #edtechex. I am guilty of bombing various people with it, but it was all in the name of publicizing what I thought was a good idea.  Little did I know that my blog post would garner so much excitement.

Many of you retweeted the idea, shared it on Google+, or spread the word in some way or another. Not only did I share some of my favorite projects, but others did too.  I was involved in an impromptu chat last night with Leah and Mike about one of Leah's student's blog projects. Even as I'm typing this post, Allie is sharing the hashtag with others and now I know about Ms. Neidlinger's class blog challenge and Twitter handle. That's what this is all about.  Sharing the great stuff we're doing and spreading the word so we can all learn together.  Thank you!  I'm glad we latched on to a good idea.

Now... How to keep the enthusiasm going? I'm all ears.

Some ideas have floated by in the last 24 hours to make it better, and I want your input.

  • My world is educational technology, so maybe I focused too specifically on ed tech. Please feel free to spread any good educational ideas.  As we know, the technology doesn't make us good teachers; we use the technology as a tool to better equip our students.  
  • Do we start a specific chat time?  Weekly? Biweekly? Day and time?  What does the set up look like?  I have ideas, but I'd like to hear yours.
  • Is the hashtag name a good one.  Fred had been thinking of something similar and was going to call it #extendedchat.  Thoughts? It takes away the tech aspect.
Keep the comments and tweets coming.  I'd love to hear more from you in the future. 

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