Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Day

A day in the life of a TechLead:

  • Email the Bengals to try to connect with a childhood friend who is now on the coaching staff. Seriously. Hoping to reconnect and maybe he can become a friend of the academy.
  • Morning door duty (while blog reading). 
  • Email RenLearn to approve AR and AM purchases for next year.
  • Engage in a 45 minute discussion with our Director of IT and Marketing about use of Facebook and Twitter for the school.
  • Monitor third graders working on Accelerated Math. (I helped kids figure out division/multiplication facts and reading an analog clock.)
  • Work on my Genius Hour presentation for OETC.
  • Monitor second graders working on Accelerated Math. (Don't think I helped much since the teacher was running her store at the same time.)
  • Continue social media conversation via email while watching second graders with AM.
  • Have an email conversation with principal about OneDrive, OneNote, and other Office products. How do we continue to implement these tools in our school? (Oh! Look! She just sent an email to everyone and offered my help uploading files to OneDrive! Nice!)
  • All the while, posted one Facebook message and two tweets for the school. 
  • Recess and lunch duty for 3rd-5th grades.
  • Eat my lunch at my desk. 
  • Let's not forget having a running email conversation with my wife. 
  • Figure out what I'm teaching tomorrow from Common Sense Media
  • Just tweeted this one...
  • #golions discussion, including a lion backdrop for future press release photos. 
  • Looks like we'll be using in 4th grade tomorrow. 
  • Time to post CastleMania pics to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Back to working on my presentation. 
  • Monitor 6th graders on Accelerated Math. (Helped with volume, algebra with adding fractions, and dividing two mixed numbers with one negative)
  • Afternoon hall duty.

It's been interesting to track my activities and conversations throughout the day. One thing I love about my job is my flexibility but also the diversity.  

What do you do during your day? 

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