Monday, January 12, 2015

Book Review: Pure Genius

Title: Pure Genius
Author: Don Wettrick (on Twitter)

Pure Genius is a must-read for any teacher who wants to know what life is like "outside the box." Don Wettrick watched Daniel Pink's TED Talk about motivation, which launched his career in the world of innovative teaching. What resulted was his high school Innovation Class.  He took the Genius Hour model many teachers currently use and made it into a full course.  Students are in constant project mode - selecting, researching, collaborating, creating, updating, and presenting - every day of the week. They collaborate with mentors who are experts in their fields and immediately share their findings and projects with the outside world via social media.

This book is great for anyone who uses Genius Hour is in interested in getting started, but it doesn't really stop there.  I, for one, read this book and started to wonder how I could start an Innovation Class in our high school.  (Keep in mind I'm an elementary guy who sometimes masquerades as a middle school teacher. Taking that leap into the high school terrifies me...but an Innovation Class energizes me.)

If you want ideas how to start innovating in your class, see best practices, or hear about great project ideas, here is a wonderful resources for you.  I can't wait to hear how Pure Genius revolutionizes your class.

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