Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Innovation Museum

In preparation for next week's round table discussion about Genius Hour, I have curated some of our best Innovation Projects into this museum. Wander through the links and leave comments for the students.

rage .jpg
The Time Warp
(A Stop Animation Video
(An Original Video Game)

(A Knife Flipping Site)
Java Innovation Project
(Daniel teaches himself Java)

“With You”
(A Song Written and Performed by a Student)
Maxx and the Robot
(Maxx shows off his Lego robot)
American Sign Language
(A Site About ASL)
Connor’s Wall Art
(A Graffiti Web Site)
Ride the Roller Coaster
(A Collaborative Amusement Park Using Tekkit)
Maxx and the Saw/Gun
(Maxx takes his Lego skills in a different direction)

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