Wednesday, May 29, 2013

App Test Drive 4

As we wrap up the school year, I thought it only appropriate to have one more App Test Drive Week with my middle schoolers.  Maybe there is a gem in this list that you can play with over the summer.  Enjoy!

  • Animation Express (3.0 stars out of 5) -- Draw your own pictures, easily animate them and make your own videos.
  • Ask3 (3.0 stars) -- An interactive learning management system. Create lessons, collaborate with your class, upload videos -- The possibilities are endless!
  • Flowboard (3.6 stars) -- Create beautiful presentations and replace PowerPoint with something more dynamic.
  • Haiku Deck (3.4 stars) -- Another presentation software.  This is mostly picture-based with a limit to the amount of text per page.
  • MyHistro (1.7 stars) -- Tell your story using maps and timelines and pictures and video and... You get the idea.
  • NatureTap (3.6 stars) -- An app that lets you see and hear animals.  Make sure you have students wear headphones on this one.
  • Soo Meta (2.6 stars) -- Students can watch videos on Soo Meta that you upload or share with your class.  One student said it was a great way to keep up on current events.

Feel free to check out the raw data and student comments here.

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