Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Toontastic Week!

I just sent my kids working on their very first full-fledged Toontastic project.  My directions to the students are copied below.

I can tell you that these kids are excited to be creating something fun, and they haven't even touched an iPad yet.  Just the thought of writing and animating their own story has them full of giddiness.

I'll let you know how it goes when we get on the other end.


Toontastic Week!

You are going to spend this week creating your own cartoon using the Toontastic app.  However, I am not going to just let you grab the iPads and start creating.  You must plan first.  So, follow these simple steps so that you can create a wonderful Toontastic cartoon.

Step One:  Plot Hill.  I want you to create a simple plot hill (on notebook or computer paper) with the following items…
·         Introduction.   Introduce your main character(s) and something about the setting.  Do NOT just say, “Main Character is Bobby.  He lives in Cincinnati.”  Be creative about it.  Think about how your favorite stories and TV shows introduce character and setting. 
·         Initial Incident.  Give one event that introduces a problem.
·         Rising Action.  I only need two events in the rising action.  Feel free to do three if you want, but I think that two will be plenty.
·         Climax.  Give one event that is the major turning point.  Remember, your problem isn’t solved yet, but it’s really close.
·         Falling Action/Denouement.  You need one event to solve the problem and wrap it up.  If you’re dying to have two, you may. Keep in mind that too many events will make your life harder later in the week.

This is a class work grade.  Come show it to me when you are done. 

Step Two:  Draw.  When you get on Toontastic, you’ll see that they use different vocabulary than I do.  That’s not a problem.  Here’s the translation…
·         Story Arc = Plot Hill
·         Setup = Introduction
·         Conflict = Initial Incident
·         Challenge = Rising Action
·         Climax = Climax
·         Resolution = Falling Action and Denouement combined
·         Be sure to draw one square for each item on your plot hill from Step One. 
·         This is important!  DO NOT RECORD SOUND AT THIS TIME!

This is a class work grade.  Come show me when you are done.

Step Three:  Write a script.  Yes, you need to write a script to go along with your cartoon.  Your script should include everything you are going to say and every sound effect you are going to create. 

This is a class work grade.  Come show me when you are done.

Step Four: Record your voice.  I am going to try to separate you into different places in the building so you aren’t all causing a ruckus on each other’s cartoons.  You are allowed to have assistants and/or props to help you with this step.  Just remember that this is your grade, not theirs. J

You have only five class periods to do Steps 1-4.  I will also host a Toontastic Finishing Up Party after school till 3:15 on Monday, January 9, if you need to finish up.  I am expecting that you will be done by that time.

This is a test grade.

Step Five: Watch each other’s cartoons.  We’ll do this in class when everyone is done.

Paper work (Steps 1 and 3) can be done at home.
iPad work (Steps 2 and 4) can only be done at school since the iPads stay here.  Use your time wisely.  If you can find other time (study hall) to work on it, you may but you may be restricted to only class time.

Parents, you may come after school till 3:15 on Thursday, January 12, to see your child’s cartoon. Please shoot me an email to let me know you are coming. 

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