Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Love It!

We are wrapping up a unit in my 5th grade Social Studies class on the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.  We read the chapter really fast and focused this week on a project.

Step 1: Select a topic.
I broke them into groups of 2 or 3 then gave them a number of topics to select.  We have Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, Common Sense, Boston Tea Party, and Lexington and Concord represented.

Step 2: Research.
We are using popplet to record the research.  This is a graphic organizer creator.  Students had to give me 6-10 facts and at least two pictures.  At least three of the facts had to be found outside the textbook.

Step 3: Create.
We are using StoryKit to create a book.  Each page had specific information required.

·         Page 1 – Define the topic.  Include the date of the event.  Include a picture and audio.
·         Page 2 – Why did this happen? (What was the cause?) Include a picture and audio.
·         Page 3 – What was the effect of this event? Include a picture and audio.
·         Page 4 – How did this event lead to the American Revolution?  Include a picture and audio.
·         Page 5 – Source information.  Include author, title, and date for books and web address and date visited for web sites.  (Search engines don’t count.  Give me the address of the site that gave you the information or picture.)  If it gave you information or a picture, you need to list it!

My five groups are spread around the room and in the hallway creating now.  It's so cool to see them writing and speaking into the iPads.  They are learning.  They are creating!  They aren't bored!

I love it!

How have your students created a book on their iPads?  

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