Friday, September 20, 2013

Photographic Dictionaries

I love being able to throw out an idea at my middle school students and watching them run with it.  I broke students into pairs (in a massive class of four, that means two groups) and had them create their own photographic dictionary.  I tried this last year and was met with frustration and near mutiny.

This year's batch went much more smoothly.  I decreased the expectations.  I don't consider this "dumbing it down," but realizing I asked too much of them last year.  I also gave them over a week to complete it.  The end result was enthusiasm for work well done.

Students only needed one word/picture per letter. Synonyms and antonyms were no longer required but a definition and sentence were.

I loved the creativity they showed with their sites! Feel free to hop on there and give them some positive feedback.

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