Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cloud Photo Sharing?

I need some help.  I am the Facebook Administrator for my school, and I'm constantly bugging people for pictures of events.  Of course, I'm not the only person who would like to have photos.  The webmaster wants pictures for our school site, our athletic director wants pictures for the athletics site, the yearbook queen wants... well,  you know.

What I want is a cloud-based photo storage site that will allow multiple users to upload and download pictures for whatever use we need.  That will keep me from bugging volunteer moms for pictures or constantly asking people to share with me.

I originally thought of Picasa.  We would just need to rig up a gmail address and only share the login info with the people who need it. However, it looks like Picasa is going away soon to be gobbled up by Google+.  Now, I don't think Google+ is a bad thing.  I dabble in it occasionally myself. However, I'm not looking for a place where we can share photos with the world, just within our small community of photo-takers and photo-users in our school.

So, some questions you may be able to help me with...
1.  Can I upload pics to Google+ and NOT share them with the world?
2.  Can I create files or albums within Google+ so I can easily find what I want?
3.  Is there a site out there better than Google+?


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