Friday, September 13, 2013

Persuasive Presentations

In my middle school Tools for Tech class, my students created a persuasive presentation. I had a few goals for this project.

  1. Try to persuade not just give information.
  2. Review the first unit of Common Sense Media
  3. Try something other than PowerPoint or Keynote, something new.
  4. Use creative commons pictures, keeping creators' rights in mind.
  5. Speak using notes, not reading off the screen.
I've embedded the students' presentations below.  Enjoy!

I could not embed the fourth presentation for some reason, so I have the link here.

Did I achieve my goals? Yes, but I still want to tweak it for next semester.

  1. I want to focus more on the Common Sense Media topics.  For some reason, I allowed them to talk about something that is meaningful to them.  I guess I was hoping a social issue (like world hunger or human trafficking) would come up.  
  2. Since everyone picked Prezi, I think I may put that on the banned list.  I'm not banning for the sake of banning.  I'm trying to open them up to new things, push them out of their comfort zone.  
How do you teach persuasive presentations?

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