Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If students designed their own schools...

Today's #edchat was about about students having a say in what they learn.  It was a great conversation with divergent thinking and understanding of letting go of control, keeping to Common Core Standards, and whether curriculum should be static or dynamic.

Someone shared this video (14+ minutes long, takes commitment to watch).  I love LOVE the concept.

However it left me with LOTS of questions.

  1. How were these students selected for the program?
  2. What accountability is there with teachers and administration for there to be learning?
  3. Would this work in middle school?
  4. Why are they meeting in a garage?
  5. Who pushes the students deeper? What if their weekly questions are shallow?
  6. Are there no behavior issues?
  7. What do you tell the college admissions people when asked for grades?
  8. Does their state department of education not care about state standards?
  9. Who makes sure each student learns in each main body of knowledge rather than continuing to drink from the same well?
  10. Where is all the technology? 

Don't take me for a hater.  I think they are getting to something really good, but... maybe I'm having trouble breaking out of the 20th century mindset.  

What do you think?  

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