Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Daughter

It's not every day that I can copy and paste my personal blog over to my professional blog, but since it deals with technology in school, this still applies.  Keep in mind, my daughter (Ava) is three and just started preschool at the local public school a few weeks ago.

I love getting emails from Celeste about Ava during the day. The stories crack me up!  Today was a twofer.
In order to understand this one, you need some background information.  Ava loves electronics: cell phones, iPads, iPods, computers.  She knows she’s not allowed to touch them, so she sneaks touches in when she thinks it’s OK.  Her favorite move is the “Here you go, Daddy” move as she grabs my phone and hands it to me.  I got a new phone last night and left the old one on the coffee table for her.  It’s “her” phone now, even though it doesn’t work.  Here’s how today’s story goes…
Well, it took her a little while but she eventually found your phone, and in pure Ava fashion, brought it right to me.  I explained how it was hers now.  Well, she thought that was fantastic, especially after she realized it still turns on and makes noise and lets her type.  :-)   She had it in her pocket of her pants and then tried to put it in her backpack to take to school.  Uh-oh.  Gonna have to check that backpack.  We talked about “no toys” at school.  I convinced her to leave it on the coffee table for when she gets home.
What must her teacher think of us as parents if she’s sneaking a cell phone to school!  Reminds me of the day that a student’s phone rang in class.  She was shocked, as were all of us.  She looked at the caller ID.  ”Oh, it’s my mom.”
Today’s bonus story is just plain hilarious!
Ava:  (in a very loud, very excited voice while pointing out the car window on our way home from school)  “Mommy, look!  Look, Mommy!  Look!”
Mommy:  “What is it, Ava?”
Ava:  “I don’t know!”
I laughed out loud for quite awhile on that one and got an “OK, Mommy?” in response.  :-)
I love that kid!
Have a great day!

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