Thursday, April 5, 2012

6 Word Memoirs

The other day, one of my colleagues led our 5th and 6th graders in a 6 word memoir lesson.  I had heard of the memoirs but had no real experience with them.  Each student was to write one memoir about a Bible character and one about themselves.  Here are mine:

Hezekiah: God, You can stop him.
Me: Know the truth and live it.

Here are some other neat ones from the students.

  • Jesus: I love you more than you imagine.
  • Noah: Slow animals like snails! Rain coming!
  • Female student: I don't deserve these blessings.
  • Noah: Leave the unicorns, they're too ugly.
  • Male student- Nice, friendly, curious, adventurous, nature, happy!
  • Male student- Family's pain, I help them through.
  • Female student - Happy, careless. Divorce changed life forever.
  • Noah: Shem, go get... ROAR! Never mind
  • Female student: Loves books, loves animals, love God
  • Adam: First man ever, lived in garden.
  • Male student: I want to go to UK.
  • Job: He suffered, believed, and was rewarded.
  • Female student: You carried me through this time.
  • Jesus: He lived, He died, He ascended
  • Female student: My Savior lives, He's Jesus Christ.
  • Female student: He died, I am now free.
  • Female student: Was afraid, but found His love.
  • Esther: Scared afraid, but ready to lead

What is your 6 word memoir? 

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