Friday, April 27, 2012

iPad Time: App List

Occasionally, I'll give my kids "iPad Time" meaning that they can use apps with little or no guidance. My rule used to be "no camera apps." More than half my sixth grade students have their own personal iPads with their own set of apps.  I got tired of them playing random game apps rather than something educational or using some sort of thinking skill.  So, I created this list of apps to use.  Is there something I'm missing?


If a teacher declares that you may use iPads during free time, here are the apps that are acceptable to use. 

·         7 Words      
·         Bible
·         Blockwick
·         BrainPOP
·         Bubble Ball
·         Calculator
·         Capitals (either one)
·         Coop Fractions
·         Doodle Fit
·         Doors
·         FactrSamurai
·         iCut
·         Jigsaw
·         Math Evolve
·         Minds of Math
·         Pearl Diver
·         Science VL
·         SketchbookX
·         Sliding Tiles
·         Tangram
·         WavePad
·         Word Jigsaw
·         WordsWorth

If you find a good app to put on this list, let a teacher know and we’ll make a decision. 

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