Thursday, May 7, 2015

Well...Maybe Not

It would seem that starting a new course requires some main ingredients.

  • Admin approval - check
  • Teacher planning - check
  • Students - ummmmm... About that.
I found out a couple weeks ago that I didn't have enough students signed up to support my new Innovation Classes.  So, last week, I turned into a traveling salesman, going from class to class promoting my new courses.  The students nodded their heads, they had looks of interest on their faces, and they didn't sign up.  It's not like students weren't interested.  I had a number of students tell me they want to take the class, but it conflicts on the schedule with something else -- like AP Physics -- and they couldn't fit it into the schedule. 

I just came from a meeting with the principal and we're going to table Innovation and hope to bring it back for 2016-17.  Ouch! 

To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement, but at least I have a lot of legwork out of the way.  I'll just start promoting earlier next year.  Now that students know about it and what the class is about, I think I'll have an easier time getting that all-important final ingredient of the recipe. 

Now, there are two other updates for next year that may interest some people. 
  1. I will be co-teaching a couple sections of media production. In this course, we will be teaching students about video and sound production from planning to final product. 
  2. I will spend an hour a week in preschool as an aide and probably doing some techie wizardry. 

I'm sure there will be updates on both fronts throughout the next year.  And hopefully we'll be talking about the revival of Innovation in 12 months.  Stay tuned...

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