Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Book Review: Artificial Maturity

Title: Artificial Maturity
Author: Tim Elmore (web site)

You probably don't need a book to tell you that students today are different than they were ten or twenty years ago.  In many ways, they seem to be advanced beyond their years, but in other ways they seem to be years behind where we were as teenagers.  This is what Tim Elmore calls artificial maturity, the illusion of being mature.  Blame it on the increasing use of technology, Sherman tank parents, or any other factor, but the reality is that adulthood is being delayed while adolescence lasts deep into the 20s. 

Elmore is not completely discounting Generation iY and the younger set called Homelanders but wants to raise a generation of leaders.  He sees many great qualities in them to be honed.

Artificial Maturity is written to parents, teachers, youth leaders, and coaches who want to see the young people in their lives flourish and grow.  Elmore takes a lot of time talking about how to mentor students to not just give them the autonomy they desire but to train them for the responsibility they aren't thrilled to have.

This is a great read for any leader of teenagers or children to help them become the adults they were meant to be. Because after all, do we really want parents to come to job interviews with their college graduates?

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