Thursday, March 27, 2014

Skyping with Josh Burns

After interviewing Josh Burns for my 20 Year Profile Series, I asked him if he would do a Skype chat with my middle school class.  Just to review, Josh is the social media director at his church in Chicago.  He works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and web development all day.  What better person to have speak to my students who are just now starting to realize their voice on the web?

Here are some thoughts I tweeted while Josh was talking... Oh, one of his thoughts after the fact. 
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    1. I just had my first ever Skype chat in class. Now I feel like a real teacher.
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      Just Skyped w/ a class of 7th & 8th graders. Out of 11, 2 of them are on Facebook. All of them are on Snapchat/Instagram.
    3. "That one device changed the landscape of jobs for millions of people" talking about iPhone.
    4. "My job didn't even exist when I was a senior in high school."
    5. "You should prepare yourself for jobs that don't even exist."
    6. "You can build your own platforms to change the world."
    7. "The potential you have to create now is light years ahead of where I was 10 years ago."

Like any good teacher, I assigned homework. Here are some snippets the students took away from our chat with Josh.
  • Mr.Dunlap put him under a spell to make him love technology.
  • He says that you can do amazing things on the internet when you connect to it. He pointed out to do it while you are young. Also, he said to prepare yourself so that you could get a job that may not even exist.
  • His job didn't exist when he was little. 
  • When he started getting into technology and the internet, things were just developing.
  • In college he realized he could really use social media for great things. In his dorm room he and his friend made a YouTube video show which would get a couple hundred views a week. After this he figured if he loves social media why not use it for something good. 
  • One thing that surprised me was that he said it was more time consuming than most people think. I thought it would only take a few hours to create a complicated website.

Thanks, Josh, for stopping in to visit with us today.  It was great! 

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