Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Time to Innovate Again

As we enter the fourth quarter, my middle school students are embarking upon their next Innovation Project. This will be their second round of innovation, so they are familiar with the process.  I gave them three options this time around.

  1. Create a totally new project, based on what someone else did or another idea that popped into their heads.
  2. Continue their previous project. They had to convince me they would learn a new skill along the way and dramatically increase the size of the previous project.
  3. Work in groups on the same project.  They had to convince me that the project would be large enough to constitute multiple students and they would have plans for conflict resolution. 

Here are the projects will be working on this marking period.

  • Kate will continue her Revolutionary War blog, doubling her posts and adding video to the blog. 
  • Cooper and Jacob will use MineCraft to create a PvP arena. (I gather that PvP = person vs person). 
  • Connor will create a tutorial for playing Black Ops 2 Zombies, specifically talking about getting and using staffs. (I really feel out of touch with current gaming.)
  • Daniel, Waite, and Matthew will create an interactive video on YouTube. In theory, viewers will be able to select different videos to help create the plot of a story.
  • Dominic will create a website about basketball legend Dominique Wilkins.
  • Justin wants to give his MineCraft Empire State Building another shot.
  • Sam and Drew will work together to build a MineCraft castle. 

What projects are your students working on? 

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