Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mini Lessons with Accelerated Math

I witnessed some great teaching today.  Marianne is my co-teacher in the pre-algebra class I'm working with.  She does the math, I do the tech, and we keep in constant contact about how to make it all work well.
About half the class is now working on slope. She identified the students who are currently on that objective and pulled them into one part of the room.  The rest of the class was sent to work on a diagnostic on their own.  Marianne then went into a 10 minute lesson on slope with the dozen or so students who were on that topic.  She made sure they had a handle on it, then sent them on their way.

Then, she identified each student who needed some 1:1 time on specific objectives. AM makes that easy by giving us a red flag, telling us to intervene with that student.  She went to each student, sat beside them and gave them the help they needed to be successful.

Once you get yourself immersed in Accelerated Math, you'll find that the role of the teacher changes. It involves constant analysis and working with those individuals or small groups to get around hiccups rather than lecturing large groups at one time.

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