Monday, February 24, 2014

Java or C++?

Daniel's original plan for his Innovation Project was to write a game using C++.  If that sounds ambitious to you, I totally agree.  I didn't want to squash his enthusiasm, so I let him run with it but gave him an out if he wanted it.

Eventually, his plan was to explore Java and it's just right for him. He is constantly sharing his new programs with me.  AND his enthusiasm has never wavered.  Here is his latest Innovation Update.

I wrote more programs! I learned how to get user input. I learned how to display that user input. And I learned a whole bunch of other stuff! I wrote a program that says hi to your name (ex. Hello Daniel.) I wrote a program that repeats what you say. I wrote one that gives you the amounts of stars you ask for and has a basic line wrapping function. I think my presentation may just be me showing off what I've done and how it works. I have a program that makes it really easy to do that. I'm nowhere near being able to create a game with it, so I'm glad I didn't stick with that.

I love it! 

How are your students showing enthusiasm for what they are learning? 

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