Thursday, August 9, 2012

Math Books?

I got a crazy idea the other day when I took my daughter to the library.  Get ready for it...

Math Book Monday!

Out of my four daily preps, two of them will be math classes: 5th grade Advanced Math and 6th grade Advanced Math.  I'm really a language arts teacher at heart.  (This is my first year in 19 years of teaching that I won't have a language arts class.) So, I thought I would bring language arts into math class.  I already mentioned that I want to bring writing to math class via Kid Blog.  Now, I want to bring reading into it too.

Have you ever read Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith?  This may be the absolutely best math book out there.

My question to you is this... What other math books are out there? I'll need about 35 more.  A simple question to my Facebook group (Education Bloggers) gave me another idea: How Much is A Million? This Amazon link gives me a few more ideas too.  

My wife is also urging me to do a longer term read aloud with A Wrinkle in Time, which sounds like a good idea.  I think I might try to tackle some L'Engle with my kids. 

So, can you help me out?  What books have you used in your math class?  Thanks!


  1. This idea came in via Facebook. Keep 'em coming! Thanks!

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  3. Here is a long read, The Phantom Tollbooth, and a quick read, If You Hopped Like A Frog.

  4. Thanks, Rebecca. I love the Phantom Tollbooth! What a great story and creative mind! I no longer teach math, so Math Book Monday is a thing of the past, but it's good to have these ideas online for other teachers who want to do something similar. Thanks!