Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Course Selection?

It finally happened!  

This year, I have taken on a new role as Tech Lead in my school.  Basically, it means that I'm here to help work on any tech projects that roll around or help teachers with technology in school.  So far, it's been mostly Help Desk stuff that I probably have no idea how to do.  But, I dutifully figure it out and help the person.  It's a new title and new role.  No one knows what to do with it yet.

But today, it happened!  My principal swooped into my room and asked me to research a question.  This is the first time!  I'm almost giddy with excitement, but I don't really get giddy -- except when the Philadelphia Eagles are in the playoffs.  But I digress.

My mission is to discover how schools use tech tools and the web to offer up course selections and in turn how parents and students use tech tools and the web to make those selections.  

So, other than Google Forms, what is out there that we can use?  What does your school use?  Do they like it?  If you don't know (I wouldn't know if I were asked that question) would you mind asking your principal?  

Thanks for your help!

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