Tuesday, August 2, 2016


The 2016-17 school year is going to bring some massive changes in my professional life. I'm starting a new job which means I have a new EVERYTHING!

Starting this month, I will be RTI Math and Blended Learning Teacher at Yealey Elementary in Boone County School District (Kentucky).  This is a massive change from where I've been.  For 22 years, I taught and worked in private schools.  My most recent role was TechLead, which was a combination of computer teacher and tech integration specialist, at Miami Valley Christian Academy in Cincinnati.

Boone County School District has a major shift toward blended learning and project based learning.  My experiences in these areas of education and ability to wax eloquently helped me get this job.  I'll be helping our 3rd-5th grade teachers learn to implement the 1:1 Chromebook initiative we have in the district and also help figure out how to solidify everything to one learning management system platform.  I'm geeking out over this!

Obviously, there will be a lot of changes and a lot I can't predict.  Of course the biggest change will be the step from private to public education.  Both have their own lingo, regulations, and ways of doing things. While teaching is teaching, there will be a learning curve moving into this new role.  Another big change will be the shift from OneDrive to Google Classroom.  While I got used to OneDrive, I am very happy to make this move.  My early Google Drive experiences bring happy memories, and I'm looking forward to it.

With all these shifts, I'm not sure what that means about this blog.  Do I keep it up?  Do I start all over?  I'm still pondering these things, but till then, please feel free to keep reading!

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