Monday, February 29, 2016

More Innovation Projects

Last week, I wrote a post about my upper elementary Genius Hour projects. In that post I mentioned that I still had a number of presentations to watch.  Now that the dust has settled and nearly all students have presented, I have a few more things to show off for you.

This fourth grade girl learned how to make exploding fish (a new recipe for me) and demonstrated at home via video.

This sixth grader would like to be a triathlete one day. so she created this Haiku Deck about how to train for a triathlon.

Here is a fifth grade girl who asked her dad to teach her how to play guitar.  The result is this video.

This sixth grade boy created a stop motion video about Jesus walking on the water. I love the waves in the video!

Who will win the Rodent Race?  This sixth grader pitted two family pets against each other in a maze. Find out who will win! 

Here is a great stop motion video teaching us how to make an origami star. 

Thanks for watching! What have you been doing with Genius Hour in your class?

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