Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Servathon Pre-Production Business Meeting

We're off with our next major video project in Media Production.  The other day, our students sat down in a client meeting with our Development Department to discuss the Servathon videos we need to produce.

When I look at the above photo, it blows me away.  There are three administrative team members in the room (one not pictured), two teachers (one not pictured), two staff members, and five high school freshmen (one not pictured), all taking part in the same meeting.  How often does a 15 year old student get the opportunity to sit at a table with an adult (an authority figure) and be treated as an equal?

You'll also see the big screen in the background of the meeting.  Our OneNote Class Notebook was on the screen as members of our team were typing up notes and referencing the client worksheet that was previously inputted.  (See below.)

Client Worksheet: Completed before the meeting and added by one of our teachers.

Collaborative Workspace: Students taking notes as the meeting progressed.

Close up of our fearless leader and his shiny toy. 

The next day, two of our students sat down to brainstorm ideas and put together an initial storyboard for the videos that we'll build.

Personally, I think we hit gold with our class model. These students will learn so much this semester, not just about creating quality videos, but also about being professionals and working in a small business.  I'm looking forward to what we'll see out of these students!

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