Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snow Days - Good for the Soul

The white death hit Cincinnati yesterday with a 4.7 inch fury! It broke an 84 year old record for snowfall on November 17, and many of the schools were shut down for the day.  I don't remember ever having a snow day before Thanksgiving, unless you want to count last year's "whooping cough day."

My daughter was literally jumping on her bed at the thought of playing in the snow, but at the time I only had a delay.  Fortunately, I got the cancel call before I hopped in the car, and we did the Snow Day Dance together in the living room.  Our morning was full of sledding, snowballs, snowmen, and general tomfoolery.  When we got cold, wet, and tired, it was time to go inside for the hot chocolate and popcorn my wife got ready for us, while we all settled in for some Cinderella

I love snow days! I think more than anything else, I love the license to put aside the constraints of adulthood and spend some time being a kid again. I can play and relax with no real feeling I need to work on this or do that.  Just enjoy my family and play till my heart's content.

I recognize there is a dark side to snow days.  Many families need to scramble to figure out childcare. Teacher plans get screwed up. There is always that threat of going to school deep into July.  But for one day, I get to enjoy this! 

and this..

What do you enjoy about snow days?

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