Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blocks EX

I love Twitter! While trying to plan out the rest of the school year, I was trying to find a way my first graders could build their own dream house. I was at a loss, and I tweeted out the question.  Of course, the first response was MineCraft, which we don't have at school and can't afford.  Here's the conversation that ensued next.

Today was my first round of first graders, and as I said above... they loved it! I won't say it wasn't without glitches, but I think most of those could have been cleaned up by using the full version.

I allowed students to just play with it for a while, then I gave them 10 minutes to build their dream house.  I didn't see too many of the final products, but they weren't exactly creating architectural masterpieces. What I did love is they were all over the room helping each other. Within moments I was able to refer students to their classmates to answer questions.  To be able to tell first graders, "You have more experience on this app than I do. You'll need to help each other," is a daunting idea, but they rocked the house.

Thanks to Leka for your help, and to Twitter for connecting us!

PS I just downloaded Blocks EX for my preschool daughter to enjoy.
PPS She'll graduate from preschool next week. I have to get used to calling her my kindergarten daughter. Ugh!

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