Friday, November 1, 2013

My, How Things Have Changed

I just can't fit this in a tweet.

My health class is filming PSAs about prescription drug abuse.  One pair of girls, Mindy and Taylor, needed another classmate, Matt, to act in the video. No problem there.  They asked if they could film outside in the grass on the other side of the window so I could watch them.  All good so far.  I write them a note and send them outside.

All three of them magically appear on the other side of the glass and need help from a fourth student, Tyler.  The only problem is that Tyler can't hear Mindy, Taylor, and Matt yelling at him through the window.

The solution?  Mindy gets out her phone and calls Elise, who has her phone on speaker.  I wish I had THAT on video.  Mindy, standing about 3 feet from Elise, talking through Elise's phone to Tyler.

My, how things have changed since I was in high school.

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