Friday, October 18, 2013

Next Up...


Yesterday, we ended one Innovation Project and today we started a new one.  The guys (I have only 4 students in my class, and they are all boys) have been asking me about doing a group project. So, today I gave them the chance to discuss it.  

We started off with a class discussion. They were all interested in the possibility, but there were concerns about group dynamics and such a large percentage of the grade being a group project.  (20% of class time = 20% of the grade) I loved how one student put it. "Working together would be more like real life."  I could not have said it better myself!

Finally they asked to be able to talk about it without me, and I joyfully stepped aside. 

They sat in a corner and brainstormed....

The conversation was all over the place.  
  • Let's do a zombie MineCraft.
  • Let's make a horror movie!
  • Let's make Pop Tart guns. (Or maybe I didn't hear that one right.)
  • Let's not do a group project.
  • Let's break into two groups. 
  • No, there's not enough technology in that project.
  • Last year, someone made a...
I generally just sat in the back of the room and listened.  Once in a while I'd throw out a thought and watched them deal with it.  

The end product sounds really cool!

They are going to create a MineCraft version of Kings Island (our local amusement park). Keep in mind that Mine Craft is blocked at our school, so they knowingly committed to doing extra homework for me. They talked about Skyping each other from  home to discuss things and I mentioned using Google Maps for a flyover view of the amusement park. Apparently, they are going to make the rides work, and they plan on taking me on a "rollercoaster" for the final presentation.  

Now, I have no idea what the end product will actually look like, but this has potential to be my absolutely favorite Innovation Project so far!

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