Monday, January 28, 2013

20 Percent Time

My 7th grade Tools for Tech class is generally a pretty technologically advanced class to start with.  I had many of them last year in 6th grade, and a large majority of them had their own personal iPads.  They come into the computer lab and set up shop.  iPad, iPhone, desktop...Their little work station is all set. 

Now, don't take this to mean that they are ready to work.  It's also a very social group who tends to buck the traditional classroom.  Good thing for me that I bucked the traditional classroom ages ago too. 

I tried to come up with an idea that would teach them technology skills in a way that they would appreciate when it hit me.  Be like Google!

Take a moment and read the link, then come back here. 

We just got started.  In fact, only half my kids have written a proposal yet, but I'm thrilled with the direction they are heading.  Here are our ideas so far...
  • Writing, performing, and recording an original song.
  • Writing and publishing an eBook.
  • A number of web sites -- Weebly or Google. 
  • A programmable robot.
  • A knock-off Temple Runner app.
  • Original software.
It's amazing to see these kids already -- within an hour of hearing about the assignment -- researching what needs to be done.  

We'll see where this goes, but I can't wait to see the final results. 

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